As Women’s Month x Behr Balance comes to a close we are thrilled to share Lauren Hackney Behringer's tips for creating work/life balance. Lauren is the founder of Behrhaus, a Celebrity Aesthetician, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, wife, and mother. At Behrhaus, Lauren curates wellness for mothers and littles, oversees the daily operations, and loves helping individuals find their selfcare practice. On any given day you can find Lauren sipping on matcha, playing with her son, and incorporating relaxing practices whenever she can.


Favorite way to start the day?

Every morning I stretch while sitting upright in bed and have hot water before anything else. I love playing with my son and making a smoothie together. Once I make a matcha, I take a minute for reflection and practice gratitude.


Best part of your job?

There are so many: Meeting female founders/creators, finding new products that serve the pregnancy/postpartum community, connecting with customers, creating grounding experiences, being able to work from home and play with my son, to name a few.


Favorite way to end the day?

Spraying Magnesium all over my body, and jumping into clean sheets—there’s nothing like it. I also love a good, quick face massage with my hands or gua sha.


3 things that bring you work/life balance?

1- Not overwhelming my schedule, leaving space for myself.

2-Going for a daily stroll, it’s an instant reset button.

3-Breathwork and meditation. I’ve been practicing breathwork with my son and it is incredible to watch him use this powerful tool.


2 Tips for keeping work/life balance?

1- It’s okay to say no sometimes, make sure what you’re saying yes to really excites you.

2-Airplane mode: Use it when you need it, I typically turn it on when I’m going to sleep and keep it on in the morning until I’m ready to dive into the day.


What is your selfcare practice?

My true selfcare practice is listening to my body. Every day we are presented with a different situation and I’ve found it’s most fulfilling to lean into your needs. Your body has multiple ways of communicating and tuning in translates to a rewarding experience. This will look differently for everyone. At the moment, breathwork, mediation, and walking have been instrumental, along with Magnesium baths, facial massage, and acupuncture.


For more inspiration from Lauren, connect with her

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