It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets our mind and body up for success in many ways, and if boosted with the right supplements, can enhance our immunity! Many of the supplements listed below are also ideal for the morning because they help to reduce anxiety and balance your mood for the day ahead, two factors that are crucial for mental and physical well-being. Below you will find some of our favorite supplements that can easily be added to your morning meal, as well as a recipe for one of our current faves, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free, rose waffles!


Lions Mane: Lion’s Mane is incredible for nerve and memory support! Add this to your morning matcha or smoothie and you will be focused in no time. Lion’s mane works to regulate the central nervous system which is actually key for immunity. If our bodies are trying to fight stress or anxiety, it is much easier for our immune systems to fall apart. 


Chaga: The king healer mushroom. If you are a regular consumer of Chaga, then you already know just how incredible you feel when consuming it regularly. Chaga blends perfectly into coffee (hello, chagachinno!) and can actually make a big difference in smoothing out any caffeine crashes. Chaga protects the body from DNA damage, fights inflammation, and is incredibly nutrient-dense!


Turmeric: Our tried and true anti-inflammatory supplement. Similar to how stress can block the immune system from functioning properly, inflammation in the body can also prevent proper immune function. Whether it’s from dehydration, lack of nutrient-dense foods, or fatigue, inflammation can creep up in so many ways. We love making a golden milk latte to start off the day or adding turmeric to overnight oats with other warming, grounding spices. 


Rose: It’s no secret that flowers are an instant mood booster, and consuming rose powder is no exception! Rose powder is great for boosting your mood and helping open your heart. What better way to start off the day? Happiness is the ultimate immune booster after all.

As a fun winter treat, we love adding Rose powder to pancakes and waffles and topping with a bit of coconut yogurt! 


Makes 2-4 pancakes or waffles: 


1 banana (mashed) 

1 egg 

1 tbsp of coconut flour 

1sp of baking powder 

1 tsp of vanilla 

1 tsp of rose powder 


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Heat pan or waffle iron with coconut oil and cook! 

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