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Magnesium + Acne

Acne can be caused by hormones, bacteria, sensitivities, stress, and more. Treating acne often feels overwhelming and it may feel nearly impossible to find the right product for your skin, especially when you’re pregnant or postpartum. That’s definitely how I have felt when pregnant, and while I’m still nursing there are limited options to tackle maskne and the beloved monthly hormonal flair. This changed when I started using Magnesium for acne. Transepidermal Magnesium is a fast-acting mineral that holds anti-inflammatory and microbial properties.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions. How does Magnesium help acne?

Magnesium lowers cortisol levels, balancing oil production and evens skin tone. Transepidermal Magnesium is a great option for calming breakouts without leaving your skin dry or irritated.

How to use Transepidermal Magnesium Oil on breakouts? 

Simply apply a small amount to active breakouts as a spot treatment or apply oil to full face. Avoid Magnesium around the eyes. If Magnesium gets in your eyes immediately rinse. It is normal to feel a tingle sensation and this should subside within a few minutes. Use Magnesium daily or as needed.

Why use Magnesium Oil from BEHRHAUS?

We sourced the cleanest form of Magnesium Oil from the Zechstein Seabed in The Netherlands. Zechstein Magnesium comes from 1 mile deep and is the best quality Magnesium available. We add Organic Aloe Vera to soothe skin and provide nourishing properties. Our formulation is preservative-free and safe for all ages.

*This is not medical advice. Consult your dermatologist before use.

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