Spiced Rose Latte

Spice up your latte this fall with a Spiced Rose latte. Rose powder has been used for centuries as a remedy for stress and anxiety. Made from Organic Rose petals, this pink powder is packed with anti-inflammatory benefits and is known for its ability to quickly calm the nervous system, support the liver and immune system. Naturally caffeine-free, Rose powder can be made on its own or added to your coffee or espresso. To spice up the classic Rose latte we add Reishi Mushrooms for an extra immune boost and Ceylon Cinnamon to regulate insulin levels. This rose latte recipe is delicious served both hot or cold poured over ice. 

What you'll need:

  • ½ tsp Organic Rose powder 
  • ½ cup warm water 
  • 1 cup warm almond or preferred milk 
  • 5 drops Reishi tincture
  • Dash of Ceylon cinnamon 
  • Dash of cardamom powder (optional) 



  • Pour Rose powder in a mug 
  • Add warm water 
  • Froth 
  • Add warm milk 
  • Reishi
  • Cinnamon 
  • Cardamom 
  • Froth 


Recipe by Lauren Behringer 

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